Big Data & Analytics

How big is the B2B market? By any model, the answer is ‘it is huge.’

It refers to the adoption rates for ‘Big Data’ and its real-time analysis that isn’t going to slow down any time sooner.

With the dramatic rise in data volume and diversity, every enterprise seeks for a modern solution to deal with their large and complex data sets as the traditional database management methods and data processing applications are stretched to their limits.

Here comes the need for different approach - Big Data with Insightful Analysis to make well-informed decisions for improved business experiences

Make Smart Decisions for Exponential Business Growth

Get in-depth insight into big data and analytics necessary for improved consumer engagement, enhanced revenues, and reduced costs.

Set-Up Big Data Infrastructure:

The volumes of data influx are thriving on a fast pace. From conventional point-of-sale systems to modern eCommerce sites, IoT sensors and contemporary AI solutions, etc., organizations tend to stream massive amount of data and computation in real-time using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Bring together a diverse range of datasets you need to make holistic and analytical business decisions. The exhaustive data analysis helps to minimize the risks and to increase the likelihoods of beneficial outcomes.

Big Data Project Development & Management:

Big data is the most valuable asset for B2B companies, and regardless of its magnitude, they tend to keep it permanently. The analytics solutions help convert this retained data into useful information beneficial to drive intelligent decisions for business success.

Despite compromising on what data to hold onto and what to let go, the best thing is to retain all data together to meet regularity and industry standards at incredible value for money. Use Hadoop technologies both for cloud-based and on-premises management of vast streams of your business data and information.

Deliver Personalized Customer Experience:

Customers often seek for personalized solutions to their pain points. Give them the pleasure of convenient and well-adapted experiences based on their behavior and preferences. Delight them with customized shopping experience even if you make exclusive discount offers on specific products or services. Provide the potential vendors with a predictive list of items to purchase based on old customer data and information about current orders.

Enhance Supply Chain Performance and Profits:

Integrate big data from all over the enterprise’s value-added chain and use advanced, real-time analytics solutions to optimize supply-chain performance and save financial capital.

For competitive business advantage, always adopt proactive measures with comprehensive insights into your supply chain endeavors – from inventory assessments to forecasting requirements for finished products and identification of potential backlog problems.

Do Everything Competently and In Good Time:

Determine the hidden insights of your big data and use them for improving your business process. Operational efficiency is necessary to streamline your mode of business – from human resource management to forecasting consumer demands, supply chains management, and understanding all possible factors that can leave an enduring impact on your business.

Step up the Game with Advanced Enterprise Solutions – Analytics Platform System

With everything cloud-connected and backed up regularly, enterprises need hardware partners to meet their business needs, Jouple got you covered. We understand the significance of analytics playing a prominent role in the wake of making sense of big data in a distributed framework.

Enjoy Instant & Better Insights into Data Assets with Azure & Capture the Market Promptly!

Jouple is all set to deliver Microsoft Analytics Solutions to B2B organizations. We are covering all industries, primarily digital enterprises, financial services, engineering, machinery manufacturers, software providers, and real estate, etc., with focus on cloud-based and on-premise analytics solutions.

Simplicity, high-performance, compatibility, and concurrency are our core values while furnishing analytics solutions from data storage to integration and evaluation.


Analytics Platform System Features

  • Purpose-Built Data Analysis Solutions
  • Delivers Quick Rapid Data Insights
  • Streamlined Business Operations
  • Manages Queries Across Hadoop Clusters
  • On-Premises/Cloud-Based Data Hub
  • Colossal Parallel Processing
  • Reduced IT Costs and Human Resources
  • It’s flexible, scalable and secure

Jouple Global & You

Jouple comes up with the best of the breed cloud technology innovator – Microsoft Azure to deliver our Customers with sustainable commitments regarding big data and analytics.

We help businesses to take advantages of Analytics Platform System – unleash the hidden potential in your data contact us for further information.

Big Data & Analytics

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